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About Key Machine

What is Key Machine?

Key Machine is focused on bringing limited-edition releases of very fun and unique products in the mechanical keyboard space. These may be keycap sets, keyboards, switches, or other companion products.

How unique are the products?

Our contracts with designers and manufacturers are set up to ensure that these products are not made again, or released elsewhere. In some cases where the item for sale is already a given product (such as a popular keyboard or switch style) it will be treated in such a way that this specific version or style will never be offered outside of its Key Machine run.

How small are the editions?

These will vary based on the product type available, but in most cases, the number of products available represent the lowest MOQs we can get with their given manufacturers.

When are new products released?

Randomly. Once a product has sold through on Key Machine, the next product will begin, but there may be some time in between the two. Stay vigilent!

ACK! I can't read the information on the page!

As the Key Machine gets closer and closer to the launch of a product, more and more details will emerge to give you a glimpse into what will be on offer. Guess, speculate, pontificate, form theories, and by all means have FUN in the discovery process!